A few people I know are making such a big fuss about this whole new Kondo thing so I got curious and finally read the so called famous Marie Kondo's book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying'. At first I was being skeptical and thought Kondo is just this one ridiculously OCD woman. Well I still think she is. But after reading her book, I'm totally loving it and in the process of decluttering and trying out this new KonMari method. 

I have been ogling over #konmarimethod over social media channels to check out other people who have Kondoed their house after I read this book. I even found myself browsing internet for minimalism and got into this 30-day challenge. Incredible.

Ready to declutter, discard a lot of crap and keep only the stuff that sparks joy in your life? Come join the KonMari cult with me. 

Photo source: (1) NY Mag (2) Instagram @emoelaine

I stumbled across some forgotten photos from a little weekend getaway at Bowral winter last year in my photos folder. Looking back at these photos I'm really itchy to get away from Sydney again now!

I have been to Bowral several times but this particular trip was extra special because we visited a family farm and got to feed and cuddle some animals! Pigs, alpacas, lambs, southern highland cows, bunnies and guinea pigs. I've never cows before but this was the first southern highland cow I've seen in my life. She was super cool and cute and also huge. The alpacas are of course always winning everyone's heart. That bunny in the photo though... oh dear, the fur is so so soft and doesn't it just look like one of those from the Disney cartoons? Best short trip ever.

In case you're wondering, we joined the farm tour organised by Food Path at that time, and here are some more photos of us on their blog :)

My other recommendations in Bowral: visit antique stores - amongst a lot of them Dirty Jane and Lancelot Hills are a must and go to Bowral Lookout.

Eat: Elephant Boy, Raw & Wild, Red Tree Cafe. We actually stayed and had dinner at Biota Dining as well to celebrate Jo's birthday. But my honest opinion.. I think that place is a little over rated.

Stay: I have been staying at Blue Bird Escape at Canyonleigh several times. Canyonleigh is about half an hour drive from Bowral. Amazing house, big space to fit in 10 people, very cosy and with back yard view of the hills all for yourself.

This weekend I finally finished watching the How to be Awesome series by Alison Faulkner from The Alison Show. Great life advice, motivating and inspiring. Check out the whole series here.
Here are some photos from earlier this year when Jo and I took a small day trip to The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah. 

Always good to be able to get away from Sydney whenever I have the opportunity, it was a fun refreshing day to just simply appreciate and enjoy and being closer to the nature. My most favourite part was the rain forest walk with the giant ferns and most and super tall trees. 

The cafe in the garden supposedly has really great food too. So disappointed that when we finished walking around and wanted to eat they just finished serving lunch... Maybe it's a sign telling me to come back next time, it really is not that far away from Sydney after all (if you don't get lost like we did).

Highly recommended for you all to visit Mount Tomah if you're looking for some activities to do that's fun, healthy and keeping your wallet happy (it's free entry!).

All photos taken with my iphone, non edited. Man I really should take my cameras out of the dust and give them some love...

By the way if you have any favourite getaway (doesn't have to be a garden) that you could recommend to me, I'm always on the lookout for new places to visit and explore so please let me know!

You could see more of my adventures in a more instant way on my instagram hashtag #lauratjtraveldiary.

i first came across into theron humphrey and his best friend maddie the coonhound over instagram. yes, i follow so many different insta dogs and i am addicted.. but this account so much more than just shots of cute dogs that i ended up scrolling and stalking over hundreds and hundreds of photos back.

later i started exploring and learnt so many achievements, so many different amazing projects that theron has done. all of theron's photographs and adventures are truly inspiring. somewhat makes me feel a little bit insignificant as i haven't been doing any new projects recently. and this also makes me want to go travelling, i shall book a trip somewhere.

i have been having a hard time picking which photos i should showcase on my blog. these shots are just a teaser i can tell you that, there are so many more over his site this wild idea and other social media channels you could find from there. enjoy.
last year in between the busy schedule of my brother's wedding, my sister and i managed to squeeze in a super short trip to bangkok. here's a short list of places we went to in bangkok that i would recommend. expect a lot of food suggestions. yes!

the view from the BTS on the way to chatuchak market.
we went to their branch in asoke, and i was so surprised to see they have their own building with a lobby like a five star hotel style and there were so many international tourists too booking in their massage! i had the 2-hour thai traditional massage and it was such a pleasant much needed indulgence that you have to to have when in bangkok.

coconut ice cream at chatuchak market
the most amazing and BIGGEST market i have ever been. we spent a full day there and yet we didn't go through everything and also got lost too many times. they sell everything, and i really mean that literally everything. get your bargain mode on for all types of clothes, bags, accessories, handcrafted objects etc etc etc. and as pictured above, don't forget to have their famous delicious refreshing coconut ice cream (we had a few!) and snack on the fried quail eggs.

one of the cool exhibitions we saw at bacc
this is another must visit place when you are in bangkok. they have different exhibitions of some cool art at a nice photogenic building. it's a nice relaxing place to take a break from the busy and the noise of the big city and get cultured.

tom yum pizza from audrey cafe.
food. food. food. 
oh gosh where can i start. the food in bangkok: AMAZING and put that word in caps. here's the must eat foods that i would highly recommend. if i ever go back to bangkok, i would happily eat all of these again without any hesitation. no regret of ruining all my diet!

audrey cafe - cute interior, but most importantly order their tom yum pizza. just thinking about this now makes me drool!!

shibuya honey toast from after you dessert cafe.
after you dessert cafe - there are different things in the menu and we tried their shibuya honey toast. heaven in my mouth, it was easily the most amazing toast i had in my life.

soi polo fried chicken.
soi polo fried chicken - honest, down to earth, authentic and delicious. get the fried chicken AND the grilled pork. they don't have a website, but this blog captured all the yummy photos and address.

taling pling - this is one of the unexpectedly amazing food that we found in one of the malls. again, i couldn't find their website but this blog has and says it all. must order dish: stir fried cowslip creeper flowerets with vermicelli and prawn (not pictured).

bangkok trip was short and sweet and the food was amazing. i will be back one day.

all photos from my instagram, there are more if you search for hashtag #lauratjtraveldiary :)

may i present to you... tenniscoats, a japanese band with two members saya and takashi ueno. unfortunately i couldn't find any official site or social media links from these guys though. jo sent this video to me the other day, isn't it just the cutest?

so what does sydney street fashion look like these days? today i wanted to share with you margarita alaon's project trend walker. or i would describe it as a little sydney based sartorialist! 

i mean, i'm not a fashionista or anything, but i think street fashion is different and it's quite interesting (and sometimes amusing too) to see how sydney locals dress up in comparison to other big cities like new york, london or paris. 

love your work marg, keep doing what you're doing!
once upon a time last year, i went to mushroom foraging workshop at penrose state forest and belanglo state forest with some friends. it was a fun little adventure hosted by diego bonetto, nice views and walk to the forests and you get to bring baskets of mushrooms home - as many as you can find and carry really.

we went around may last year so yes.. considering this is 2015 this is way overdue post. but better late than never right? 

Mushroom foraging adventure
one of the cute mushrooms we saw at first stop. poisonous, don't eat it.
Mushroom foraging adventure
diego explaining which mushrooms are poisonous, which are edible.
Mushroom foraging adventure
pine mushroom! this kind is what we're after.
Mushroom foraging adventure
sarah and daphne going colour coordinated.
Mushroom foraging adventure
they might not look pretty but they glow in the dark! not to be eaten.
Mushroom foraging adventure
jo on the hunt for shrooms.
Mushroom foraging adventure
look how much pine mushrooms this lady has gathered!
Mushroom foraging adventure
possibly the cutest i've seen during workshop. also poisonous!
Mushroom foraging adventure
another cute one, not to be eaten. anything that's cute and fairy tail like = poisonous.
Mushroom foraging adventure
delicious delicious pine mushrooms cooked for us at the end of workshop.
Mushroom foraging adventure
my basket and i. we ate pine mushrooms for about 3 days in a row i think.

there are a few more other photos on my flickr. you should book your tour or workshop with diego if you are keen, i highly recommend this. i might check what other workshops diego has for myself this year too.

2015, i've got a good feeling about you. i wish you all happy new year!
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